The Kordofan Alliance for Development (KAD) is a national civil society organization incorporated under the Sudanese Humanitarian Act of the year 2006. KAD has been founded in the year 2006, by a group of sudanese lawyers and artists from the Greater Kordofan region and the Abyei area. This group grew out of the horrors of wars fought over resources in the region and conflicts further inflamed by ignorance. The founders decided to establish KAD to work on narrowing the gap of education that resulted in degradation of the livelihood of the regional population. KAD strives to approach the realization of peace through development.


KAD strives to eliminate conflict possibilities amongst the communities of Greater Kordofan and the Abyei area in order to constitute stability.


KAD strives to contribute efforts to build peace, resolve conflict, and eradicate illiteracy and poverty in its areas of operation.


  1. Contribute to the realization of the Millennium Development Goals.
  2. Strengthen rural development bonds, establish cooperative societies, raise the capacity of citizens, provide clean drinking water, establish water sources for farms and raise the level of environmental preservation awareness among the communities.
  3. Raise awareness through direct contact with citizens and provide health and education services.
  4. Provide the necessary services to victims of war and natural disasters, spreading the culture of peaceful coexistence, as well as combating debilitating regionalizm, ethnic and religious distinction.
  5. Elevate the knowledge, skills and production capacities of citizens to enable them to secure their basic needs in order to eradicate poverty.
  6. Enable the sponsorship of orphans, homeless and handicapped persons.

Organiztional chart